We build custom Greenland Paddles

About My Paddles

I make my paddles the old-fashioned way, one at a time and with just a few simple tools. I start from a few quick measurements provided by you, and after talking a bit about the style of paddling you do, and any preferences you might have.

These measurements are a very good starting point rather than hard and fast rules, which gives us a little leeway with which to tailor the paddle more closely to your desires and goals as a paddler.

For example, I prefer a blade which is a little wider than my measurements might suggest because it gives me that extra bit of power I like when out in the surf. Others might wish for a narrower blade that can be easier on the body, and will allow them to use a slightly higher cadence with less resistance in the water.

“Thanks so much for the beautiful work of art. Don't worry, I will use it regularly—no hanging around on the wall for this.” — Marsha

Each paddle is made from a single piece of Western Red Cedar and has a hand-rubbed oil finish. Once I start a paddle it takes approximately two weeks to complete. Most of that time is taken up with applying five coats of 100% tung oil with a day between each, and then a week or so to dry.

Just as no two sticks of wood will be the same, no two hand-crafted paddles will ever be exactly the same. Each will have it's own unique fit and feel, but is meant to have a clean, quiet entry, developing into a smooth powerful stroke.

My goal as a paddle-maker is to surprise you with the difference a well-made Greenland style paddle can make. And then try to exceed your expectations...

Paddle Prices

Both full-sized and storm paddles are $175 plus shipping and packaging.

There's usually a waiting list for my paddles, which can vary a good bit. I'll be able to better give you an idea of what this is when you contact me for more details on sizing etc, and will be happy to answer other questions in more detail at that time. My phone number is at the bottom of the page, and my email is at the top.

My Guarantee

I don't guarantee my paddles against breaking, as any paddle can be broken. But it's usually when you ask the paddle to do something it wasn't intended to do. If something unfortunate should happen, and you don't think you were doing anything "wrong" let me know what the circumstances were and I may be able to help.

I do guarantee that you'll like the paddle. We will have discussed sizing, so once I make the first cut it's too late to change your mind on that, but I spend a bit of extra time to make sure my paddles are comfortable in your hands, and that they perform the way they should in the water. If you have any serious complaints I'll want you to let me know, and then within the very first few weeks of using it.

The Obligatory Disclaimer...

Since even the stoutest paddles can break, and usually at the very worst moment, there are no guarantees against breaking a paddle. You should always carry a spare, even if it is just to loan to someone else who needs a paddle. But used sensibly and not abused these paddles should provide many years of use.

Most of the best ways to break a paddle involve poor technique, or using the paddle in ways it wasn't intended. Such as bracing too hard off the bottom when entering and exiting the kayak, (one of the biggest no-no's with any paddle whether composite or wood), getting it stuck between rocks or using it as a lever to get your truck out of the sand. Even some rolls can be tough on a paddle. Using good technique and a bit of common sense will go a long way towards extending the life of any paddle.

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