We build custom Greenland Paddles

“You don’t stop playing because you grow old,
You grow old because you stop playing...”


Hi... My name is Bill and I make Lumpy Paddles...

I probably have what my mother might have called an addictive personality. One prone to easily become addicted to something. When I find something I really enjoy or seem to have a talent for, I tend to become a bit single-minded in my pursuit of it.

I started bicycling because I enjoyed the freedom it gave me, and became addicted to the point that after a few years I ended up a Category-two road racer.

Later on I became a runner, mostly for something to do, and found myself running sixty to seventy miles a week until injuries got the best of me...

Another time I started flying stunt-kites for the thrill of it, and for a few years was traveling and competing at the Master's Class level on the east coast circuit.

Paddling has been a similar story, and is an addiction I hope I'll be able to maintain for the rest of my years.

In my previous endeavors I learned the importance of choosing the equipment best suited to what I wanted to accomplish and then to learn to use it well. It was in looking for my very first paddle that I first learned of the Greenland style paddle.

There was much heated debate in those early days over the practicality or value of the skinny-stick, but I decided to give it a try for my first paddle as the arguments for it made a lot of sense. I quickly found this was the right paddle for me and have never looked back.

I've come a long way since those first tentative days splashing about on the local lake with my funny paddle, and some might think I've learned to use it well. I've raced with it, learned to roll with it and found out how much fun playing in the surf can be.

In those first years I also became a bit of symposium junkie as well, and discovered the BCU. Back then there were more nay-sayers than not, but I passed the Three and then the Four-star assessments with my skinny-stick and have since gone on to become a BCU coach myself.

I'm coping well with my current addiction, and I'm now content to mostly paddle with friends and share with others a little of what I've learned over the years. Which somehow gets me back to the quote by Unknown at the top of the page....

I've always been a big believer in "play" as a way to help us stay young, and for most of us paddling is our playtime. Something we do simply because we enjoy it. It's a form of play that allows us to escape, at least for a while, and can allow us the freedom to almost feel young again.

I used to tell my son that the toys just got better the older one got. And if we're going to play we should have the equipment best suited for what we want to do, then learn to use it well.

I'm a big believer in the skinny-stick and think of these paddles as a modern-day alternative. An alternative that for most of us will allow us to enjoy our time on the water that much more...

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