We build custom Greenland Paddles

The Modern-Day Alternative

Simply put, the best paddle is the one that allows us to do what we want to do, and in the most efficient manner possible. More importantly it should be both a pleasure to use, and one that will allow us to enjoy our time on the water that much more...

Why Greenland Style...? For those who've never tried a well-made Greenland style paddle, this is an often asked and puzzling question.

The more common Euro-style paddle does what it's intended to do. It lets us go from point A to point B in a relatively efficient manner, and more importantly, it's the paddle the folks at the kayak shop recommended you should buy.

But what if you'd known when you bought your first paddle that there was an alternative, an alternative not to be found in any shop.

An alternative that once discovered makes most who try it never go back.

A paddle rich in history and tradition, and fine-tuned over centuries of use. A simple yet elegant tool from the past, which can allow the modern-day paddler to enjoy their time on the water that much more...

What if you had known there was a paddle perfect for miles of almost effortless flat water cruising, yet still powerful enough for the surf zone in the hands of a skilled paddler.

A paddle that will be more forgiving of minor mistakes, but which can so richly reward good technique.

A paddle that many discover as a less stressful alternative only after recovering from injuries suffered while using the Euro blade.

These are a few of the things people discover when they first take up the skinny stick.

But what often times will happen is that because the Greenland style paddle can be so much easier to use and more intuitive to learn, many find themselves naturally gravitating to learning more advanced skills and rolling.

It has been noted time after time that there are proportionately more "skilled" paddlers, or people working on their skills who use the skinny stick than there are who use the Euro paddle. Something many might have thought they'd never want to do...

For many, there is something almost magical about how easy it is to learn their first roll with the skinny stick that then leads them on to exploring the dozens of other rolls possible with these paddles. Which leads to confidence in exploring other skills we use as paddlers.

And finally, what if you had known when you bought your first paddle that you could instead have had a paddle custom-made to fit both you and the style of paddling you do.

These are some of the things people find when they first discover the Greenland style paddle. And some of the reasons most wish they had discovered this modern-day alternative sooner.

So for those who've already taken up the skinny stick and joined this quiet revolution, instead of the question being "Why Greenland style?" they might rather ask "Why not...?!"

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