We build custom Greenland Paddles

I enjoy making paddles, and even more when I can do something special for others or to make them smile....

These are a few of the notes I've gotten in return that make it all worthwhile...

Dear Bill,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful paddle. It far exceeds all esthetic expectations. I can't wait to get it in the water. For now it is mounted on the wall. Look forward to meeting you soon.

George P.
Hilton Head Island, SC

Hi Bill:

Thanks for the information! I absolutely love the paddle. I am just about using my lumpy paddle exclusively now — don't tell Nigel, but my NF blade just gets to ride on the back deck now. I just picked up a new NF Silhouette from one of the local shops — I figured I am a low volume guy, so I might as well paddle a low volume boat. The Silhouette really handles nicely with the Greenland paddle — and the lower deck makes it a lot easier to use a better Greenland technique.

Happy Paddling!
Wilmington, NC


I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks again for my new paddle! We got out on the water on Sunday, and it was a perfect paddling day. My wife took her CLC LT16 for its maiden voyage, and I took my paddle along for its first outing with my Arctic Hawk. It felt great in my hands before I got it in the water, but it immediately just "felt right" when paddling my Hawk with it. I had about 5 minutes of awkwardness until I got my stroke adjusted within reason, but after that I was moving right along. I have a fairly light carbon euro paddle, but your paddle feels like it weighs half of that despite their very close actual weights. I'm also working through some stiff shoulder issues, and the new paddle was much easier on my shoulders. The advantage of being able to slide my hands along the full length of the paddle was also immediately apparent. I was immediately making use of extended sweep strokes, and felt more comfortable using the paddle as a rudder when turning. There wasn't that fine line of digging in too much like there is with my euro. I can't wait to get out some more!! It sounded sort of cheesy when I read about Greenland paddles on the paddling forums, but it really does "just feel right." Thanks again for your attention to detail and the effort you put into making your customers happy and keeping them informed. It's great to find someone that is still interested in pleasing their customers, rather than just focusing on the bottom line every month.

Sean K.
Upper Marlboro, MD

Hi Bill,

It's customary at my company (in fact required) on occasions like a birthday, anniversary of starting with the company or just about any good fortune, that one brings donuts for coffee break, or what we call Festive Mugup. (The term mugup comes from Gloucester fishermen who in the heat of hauling nets are occasionally given a break from the work by the cook hollering "Mugup!" which is a shortening of "The mug's up.") To celebrate the occasion of receiving my Lumpy Paddle I put together a "newspaper" mockup and printed it as a poster. Thought you might have fun seeing it so I've attached a PDF.

Thanks again,

Bob C
Gloucester, Massachusetts

Hello Alison, Bill and Mel,

I've just finished signing up for the 07 Downeast Kayak Symposium on MDI in September and my conscience is nagging me about a bit of unfinished business. I don't believe I ever got around to thanking you for my having been given the "most improved greenland paddler" award at last year's symposium. So without further ado - THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU! It was a total shock to get a call from Mel Rice saying that I was to be the recipient of a Lumpy paddle from Bill Bremer, and a lot of fun going through the process with Bill of deciding paddle length, loom size etc. Since the paddle arrived last November, it has become my first paddle of choice - and that out of a current accumulation of seven paddles, euro and greenland. And, if indeed I was the "most improved greenland paddler", Alison Sigethy has to take a lot of the credit for that.

I look forward to seeing you again on MDI in September.

Bob C.
Gloucester, Mass

Bill, Really enjoyed paddling with you again on the Neuse River Trip. We did nearly fifty miles the last two days and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The trip certainly proved the worth of my new paddle; it was easy money the whole way. It took very little effort for me to maintain pace with everyone else and the paddle had lots of top end available if I wanted to step it out. I'm definitely faster with it and now also much better at turning my big Coho. I've still got tons to learn but I'm feeling very comfortable — don't miss my Lendal at all. Can't wait till the water warms up so I can start rolling with it.

I'd love to paddle with you again; let me know the next time you are in the area and I'll try my best to get out there.

Jacksonville, NC


Thanks so much for the beautiful work of art. Don't worry, I will use it regularly — no hanging around on the wall for this. I will use her and spread the word of Lumpy Paddles.

Best Wishes,
Tybee Island, GA


Finally got my lazy butt up to Sweetwater and got ahold of the new lumpy. Man, what a beautiful paddle, Bill!!

I put in with it yesterday near my house. Having only tried a GP once and that one time was SKG in October, it felt a bit tricky at first!! There was no real flat water around, mild chop everywhere, but I knew I could pick up on it in an hour or two.

I ended up in the pass, where the waves were picking up to a gentle 1–1 1/2 feet and started playing in that a little bit.

Everything Turner and Cheri taught me came back real quickly. I didn't have to use my Euro Blade at all. I plan on taking it out with me everytime, BCU be damned!! (ha ha, just kidding).

Seriously though, it gives me a great feeling to paddle with it.

Thank You Thank You Thank You,

Drew S.
Sarasota, FL

Thanks so very much for the beautiful paddle. I love it. The balance and fit is perfect. I took it out and tried it this past weekend and now I understand.

All the best,

Pat W.
Alexandria, VA

Hey Bill,

Your paddles are much more refined than any others I've seen, including the ones I've carved for myself. The feel in the hand and water is phenomenal. Even the shoulders of the paddle, the part I have the most trouble carving on my own paddles, feel great, very integrated. I don't know if you've just pointed your Reality Distortion Field beam at me, or if I'm actually being objective, or biased, but whatever it is, hypnosis or voodoo or just plain old reality, I like 'em. I like 'em a lot, Bill.

Thomas D.
Greenville, NC

Hey Bill,

I just got back from another paddle and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Lumpy paddle. Not only is it lightweight but it fits so well. The custom sizing definitely makes a difference; using the paddle for the first time did not require any break-in period, it was as if I had used this paddle for years. The paddle also looks great, and when not in use it rests in a corner of the living room. I'd highly recommend this paddle to any one who wants to try out Greenland style paddling. Thanks again.

Tom P.
Wilmington, NC


Just took my Lumpy paddle for it's maiden voyage. Wow. I started off really wondering what I'd got myself into. By the time I got back to the marina to go home, paddling with it was as natural as walking.

Everything you said was right on target. Low elbows felt really good. Letting it drop in the water rather than jabbing was smooth and quiet.

Bill, the paddle pretty much tells you how to use it. It tells you where to place the hands and how hard to grasp it. I like it.

I ran into some nasty seaweed stuff in some shallows and switched back to my euro in case I had to push off the bottom. I really didn't like the feel of it after holding the GP!

Looking forward to getting a reliable brace and roll with it.


Rex W.
Burlington, NC

I have a new paddle ...

Jane H.
Carrboro NC

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