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Lumpy Links—
a few of my favorite places to visit
and people to paddle with...

Lamar Hudgens and Barrier Island Kayaks
A very special place where time somehow follows different rules... This is where Lamar hangs out selling kayaks and kit, providing top-notch sea kayaking instruction, and just having fun. What more could you ask for...

Marsha and the crew at Sea Kayak Georgia
Home to the Tybee Island BCU week every year, Marsha and her crew have trips and instruction for everyone as well as one of the best selections of gear on the East Coast.

Alison Sigethy
Alison does a lot of coaching and guiding in the DC and Northern Virginia area, and besides being a Greenland National Championships medalist is a cool lady to hang out with. Drop her a note if you live in her area and want to get up to speed quickly with any paddle...

Christopher Crowhurst
In his own words, Christopher is a "slightly obsessed Greenland sea kayak paddler and roller." This is where my wife likes to visit when she wants to study up on the next roll to conquer. He's a good read even when he's not talking about rolling as well...

Ron at Novorca
Ron is an artist with carbon fiber and makes the only carbon Greenland style paddle I will truly recommend. I prefer my own best of course but his run a pretty close second and he's now making a sectional three piece paddle for travel. If you've a hankering for a carbon skinny-stick or need a paddle you can count on to travel with, give Ron a call...

Michael T
A good friend of mine who's recently begun doing G-style artwork for t-shits etc when he's not out paddling or building his next SOF. I'm already loving my new shirt with his first kayak related design and am looking forward to more cool stuff from Mr. T...

Ginni Callahan and Columbia River Kayaking
Ginni is just as delightful when she's coaching or leading trips as she is when off the water. When not leading trips in Baja or running classes and trips in the Pacific Northwest, Ginni will be found raising organic foods on her Slow Boat Farm and planning the next yearly LoCo Roundup for paddlers. Did I mention she and most of her crew are skinny-stickers too...!

Mel Rice and Mark Schoon at Carpe Diem Kayaking Co.
Co-hosts along with Aquaterra Adventures to the Down East Sea Kayaking Symposium in Maine in September. When not guiding and teaching on their own local waters, Mel and Mark can be found coaching at most of the major events on the East Coast.

Nigel Law & Savannah Canoe and Kayak
One of paddling's best kept secrets on the East Coast. Nigel and Kristen do it all and oh-so well in their own special way...

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson
Greenland rolling instructors extraordinaire, and probably coming soon to a town near you. Check the iternerary on their website. Don't miss a chance to get to paddle with and learn from Turner and Cheri and their travelling fleet of authentic skin-on-frame and rolling qajaqs and Greenland gear.

Liane at Inner-Banks Outfitters
In the historic town of Washington in Eastern North Carolina, and just minutes away from Tranters Creek, hands down my favorite place for a quiet day on the water. Liane happens to be right next door to Blackwater Jacks, home of some of the best burgers in North Carolina...

Charlie at Amigo's DrySuit Repair
Charlie spent much of his youth playing, guiding and instructing on whitewater rivers in the North Carolina mountains. These days he runs Amigo's Drysuit Repair, a full-service Kokatat authorized repair service and still paddles when he can. He wants to try the skinny-stick for rolling on the local lake now too. I think that might be arranged soon...

Corey at the Skin Boat School
I purchased the skin and coating for my skin-on-frame from Corey because I'd heard this was the place to go. It wasn't till I started asking questions that I realized how much Corey loved to talk skin boats. Seemed each mistake I made, Corey had seen it before and had a solution. Many thanks to Corey for being so willing and able to share his knowledge and experience with this first time builder.

Places I like to visit when I can’t leave the house...

Qajaq USA
A wealth of information on all things Greenland.

Especially check out the forums for lively discussion on all manner of topics dear to any paddler's heart.

The mother-ship of the BCU - In the Queen's Own English.

Download the North American BCU syllabus here...

Atlantic Kayak Tour's "Expert Center"

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