We build custom Greenland Paddles


My Western Red Cedar paddles are $175 each plus shipping and packing materials. This is for all WRC full sized paddles whether shouldered or shoulderless, and Storm paddles as well.

I've added paddles made from Sitka Spruce to the line-up and will add more info about this option soon. Be thinking seriously strong paddles for those who play in the surf etc... In the meantime you should contact me for more info on Sitka paddles and their price.

It’s Good To Be Boss...

Bill carving a paddle
Although I'm often working longer hours than I used to, being the boss I now have the luxury of working at my own pace, and without anyone at my shoulder seeking a way to cut corners. This allows me to finally do things the way I believe they should be done, and to the very best of my abilities.

Even though being the boss means I don't get to spend as much time on the water as before, it's given me the chance to get to know, and to become friends with paddlers from many different parts of the country whom I would never have otherwise gotten to know.

Being boss also means that it's me who has to decide how much to charge for one of my paddles. Many of my friends have been saying for a long time that I should be asking much more for one of my paddles, so last Spring I decided to finally raise the price a bit, and for the first time, once early Summer rolled around.

But then gasoline prices began to go kinda crazy, followed by everything else starting to go bonkers, and I had a different idea...

For the time being, I've decided to continue holding the prices right where they are, at least thru the early part of next year, to make it a little bit easier for many of you who've been wanting to discover the magic of a well made Greenland paddle.

It's good to be boss...!


I do both email and the old-fashioned telephone, with the telephone often times being the fastest.

When fine tuning the measurements I've found it's almost always easier to do so over the telephone, so I'll almost certainly want to have at least one phone conversation with you.

I've always got a waiting list, and new names aren't added to the queue until I've got tentative measurements so take a quick look at the sizing page. There will be time to discuss and possibly tweak them later. My cell phone number is: 919-606-6579 or you can click here to email me. Please include your phone number with your email.



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